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Siemens PLC Extend Distributed ProfiNet Ethernet IO Module

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Author : Jerry Chen
Update time : 2023-08-18 14:57:46

Siemens S7-200SMART and BL201 

1. Prepare IO modules: Coupler BL201, digital output module M2082, digital input M1081, analog input module M3401, analog output M4043. Module assembly and wiring Installation, Device connection.

2. BL201, S7-200SMART, and PC need the same LAN. Power on BL201 and S7-200SMART, and open Siemens STEP 7-MicroWIN SMART software. Click GSDML management, in the pop-up window, click Browse to find the GSD file of BL201 and click Open, click Open to complete the installation of the GSD file.

Install the GSD file

3. Click Tools, click Find PROFINET Devices, click Find Devices, find BL201, and the name of the BL201 coupler is bl200pns. (The found coupler name must be consistent with this name during configuration.)

Find BL201 Devices

4. Click Tools, click PROFINET. Select the controller and click Next.

S7-200SMART Profinet settings

5. Find BL201 in the hardware catalog, click Add, add it to the device list, modify the name of the coupler to bl200pns (communication key parameters), and assign the IP address of to the coupler. The IP address assigned to the coupler must be in the same LAN as the IP address of the PLC. You can also modify the IP address of the PLC on this interface. After the modification is complete, click Next.

S7-200SMART configuration BL200PN

6. Configure the IO module connected with the BL201. Click Generate. Add modules in the order of the IO modules hung behind the BL201. Power supply modules, extended power supply modules, and terminal modules do not need to be configured and do not participate in the sorting.

Add I/O module

M2082 corresponds to address QW128, M1081 corresponds to address IW128, M3401 corresponds to address IW129-IW136, and M4043 corresponds to address QW129-QW136.

7. Click PLC, click Download, search for PLC in the pop-up window, and click OK. click to download.

PLC programming software to find PLC
PLC programming software download program

After the download is successful, open the status chart and monitor the channel value of the IO module.

PLC monitors IO module value

Refer to Process Data Definition. When the range is 4-20mA, the theoretical value input of AI first channel IW129 is: 22958/65535*16+4=9.60507 mA. When the range is 0-5V, the output of the first AO QW129 is: 65535/65535*5=5V.

Process Data Definition

BL201 does not support the data collected by the serial port module temporarily, the data point address of the I/O module is determined by the Profinet master, and the data of AI and AO are mapped to 0-65535.

AO 0-5V/0-10V output data value

For example: Requires analog output 3V, the issued value is: When the range is 0-5V, 3*65535/5=39321. When the range is 0-10V, 3*65535/10=19660.5, since AO is an integer, 19660 will be issued.

AI 0-20mA/4-20mA input Data value

For example: The AI value in the master is 56789, then when the range is 0-20mA, the theoretical value of AI is: 56789/65535/20=17.33089mA. When the range is 4-20mA, the theoretical value of AI is: 56789/65535*16+4=17.86471mA.

More information about BLIIoT ProfiNet Ethernet Distributed Edge IO Module BL201:

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