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Join Us at MetaLTECH & AUTOMEX Exhibition!

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Author : Luvia
Update time : 2024-05-06 17:29:45
We are thrilled to announce BLIIoT participation in the prestigious MetaLTECH & AUTOMEX Exhibition in Malaysia. The exhibition will be held on 15 - 18 MAY at MITEC. 

Our team is eagerly preparing to showcase our innovative offerings, such as Distributed I/O Module, IIoT gateway, Cellular RTU, etc. and engage with industry professionals and stakeholders. BLIIoT invite you to visit our booth, where you can explore our products firsthand, interact with our experts, and discover how our solutions can add value to your business.

Stay tuned for further updates and announcements regarding BLIIoT participation in the MetaLTECH & AUTOMEX Industrial Exhibition. We are excited to connect with you and explore new opportunities together!

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