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BLIIoT Smart Meter Remote Reading Solution

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Author : Jerry Chen
Update time : 2024-01-12 16:46:48


The smart meter remote reading system is a new IoT technology designed to improve the integrated billing management of water meters and electricity meters. The automatic meter reading method of the intelligent meter reading system can replace the traditional manual meter reading. The smart water meter remote meter reading system can use wired technology or wireless technology to report and collect users' water and electricity data in real time, achieving remote monitoring, centralized data storage and unified management.

Smart Meter Remote Reading Solution

The smart meter remote meter reading system is divided into comprehensive application layer, data management layer and data collection layer. The principle of the data collection layer is to collect data from each meter through transmission media (such as RS485 interface, power supply, 4G,Ethernet, etc.). According to the meter reading task of the management center, the data of each meter is automatically collected through Remote Monitoring RTU S475.

The concentrator RTU S475 can transmit data to the data server via Ethernet or GPRS. The data server is a smart meter remote reading system that can perform data processing, classification, and screening, saving manual work.


1.RTU S475 connects to the smart meter through RS485 or RS232 interface, and uploads data through Ethernet or 4G.

2. RTU S475 supports Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP and MQTT protocols, and supports active reporting mode and polling mode.

3. RTU S475 can be connected to Alibaba Cloud, Huawei Cloud, BaRe Cloud, SCADA and third-party cloud platforms.

4. Users can receive and monitor real-time water meter data through the cloud or SCADA large screen

In Conclusion

To sum up, Remote Monitoring RTU S475 plays a key role in remote reading of smart water, electricity and gas meters. Its application not only improves the efficiency of public utility management, but also provides feasibility and convenience for the scientific utilization of resources.

More information about BLIIoT Remote Monitoring RTU S475:

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