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BLIIoT Remote Water Pump Monitoring and Control System

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Author : Jerry Chen
Update time : 2024-03-06 17:27:16


As a common water conservancy facility, water pumps are key units in scenarios such as sewage treatment, water supply and drainage. Its automatic and reliable operation can not only protect equipment and ensure smooth water inflow, but also save a lot of manpower and material resources. The pump room is automatically controlled. It is an important part of the overall water management.

IoT Water Pump Solution

The water pump remote monitoring system solution is based on the Internet of Things, automatic control and other technologies, focusing on the operation and management of the facility pump room, through the deployment and installation of water pump electrical parameter acquisition modules, flow meters, liquid level sensors/collectors, intelligent data acquisition equipment, etc. Intelligent hardware upgrades the management efficiency of the pump room. With the help of the online monitoring, logic control, centralized monitoring, remote alarm, data management and other functions of the water pump remote monitoring system, remote management of the pump room can be achieved through information platforms such as APP, computer web pages/software, etc., to achieve the purpose of unattended operation.

The operation of the system is based on real-time collected environmental information, working status and other information. The collected data is automatically communicated to the intelligent control cabinet, and then summarized to the smart water conservancy monitoring platform for data storage, data communication, real-time control, pumping station operation monitoring and other operations, synchronization Access video surveillance, obtain diversified real-time information, and realize pump station automatic control, video surveillance, and remote centralization.

Regardless of whether the managers are in the monitoring management room or not, they can remotely monitor the working status of the pump room, water level of the sewage pool, working status of the lifting pump unit, outbound flow rate, concentration of harmful gases in the pool, etc. on the smart water conservancy monitoring platform. Manage the pump room with different control methods such as manual, automatic, and remote.

Implement Function

1. Data monitoring: 24-hour online monitoring of various data of the pump room, including liquid level, water inlet and outlet, water pump start and stop status/power consumption/voltage and other parameters.

2. Real-time data display: Monitoring data is automatically summarized on the smart water conservancy monitoring platform and presented simultaneously on information terminals such as mobile phones, computers, tablets, and even large LED monitoring screens.

3. Remote alarm: supports alarm mechanism to warn of upper and lower limits of monitoring parameters, equipment status changes, linkage equipment failures, power outages, etc., and promptly sends alarm information in the form of text messages, platform information, on-site sound and light, etc.;

4. Intelligent control: There are three ways to manage the water pump remote monitoring system: manual, automatic, and remote. The three can be switched to each other and applied in combination to take effect in a timely manner.

5. Centralized management: For multi-pump room management operations, the real-time data of N pump rooms can be summarized on the monitoring platform to view the management rules and historical data of the pump rooms.


The water pump remote monitoring system solution is suitable for remote monitoring and management of urban drainage pumping stations, such as rainwater pumping stations, sewage pumping stations, overpass drainage pumping stations, drainage pumping stations on important road sections, drainage pumping stations in low-lying urban areas, and township pumping stations.

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